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Posted 2/14/12
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Hinn's marriage 'slain in the Spirit?'

Did Benny and Suzanne Hinn's marriage became a casualty of their own hubris and luxury lifestyles? Read this special report in PDF file format from Richard Fisher of Personal Freedom Outreach. (Feb. 14, 2012)

Posted 2/10/12

Eddie Long's finances
entangled with church

After a six-month investigation, WSBTV in Atlanta has found that controversial Bishop Eddie Long's personal finances have been intertwined with his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for years, possibly violating tax laws. The church has paid roughly $200,000 in property taxes for him, plus $85,000 in taxes for his jet. (February 10, 2012)

Here's the link to the story and video.

Posted 5/25/11

Disgraced televangelist
Popoff tries for comeback

A disgraced televangelist has resurrected his career in part by dispensing miracles again. This time the Prophet, Peter Popoff, is offering to miraculously clear away the faithful's debt. But Dana Fowle of Fox5 Atlanta asks at what cost? (May 25, 2011)

Here's the link to the story and video.

Posted 11/17/10

Inside Edition tracks
down Kenneth Copeland

When Inside Edition tracked down televangelist Kenneth Copeland to ask him about his $20 million Cessna Citation jet and opulent lifestyle, he told them, "It's none of your business." "I think Copeland is unbelievably greedy", said Ole Anthony of the Trinity Foundation, a church watchdog group that worked with the Senate Committee investigating Copeland and other TV preachers. (May 24, 2011)

Here's the link to the story and video.

Posted 3/15/11

Peter Popoff sells debt
removal through prayer

ABC affiliate KABC in Los Angeles examined televangelist Peter Popoff of Upland, Calif., because of his claims faith could wipe out people's debts. His programs air nationally on BET. The Feb. 28 report says Popoff sends his followers small vials of "miracle spring water" and debt cancellation kits, then asks his viewers to send small donations. In return, Popoff promises -- as a messenger of God -- to heal and unlock the secrets of financial security and wipe out all debt. Trinity Foundation President Ole Anthony was interviewed in the report.

Here's the link to the story and video.

Posted 11/17/2010

Did Pastor Michael Mille
make profit from sale?

Lee Zurik of FOX 8 in New Orleans found that Pastor Michael Mille and his wife purchased a property in August of 2007 for $850,000. About three months later, records show Mille and his wife sold the property to their church, White Dove Fellowship. The church paid $1.2 million. The Mille's could have made a profit of almost $400,000. Trinity's Ole Anthony and Pete Evans are featured in the report.

Here's the link to the story and video.

Posted 5/19/10

Jesse Duplantis'
ministry 'big business'

Lee Zurik, reporter for New Orleans Fox-8 TV, looks into televangelist Jesse Duplantis, who is building a 35,000-square-foot mansion in St. Charles Parish and last year took a 17-day trip to Hawaii in his private jet-- a trip that cost his ministry close to $40,000 for flight expenses.

Duplantis blocks his flight records, but Fox 8 News managed to get a copy.

Trinity's Ole Anthony and Pete Evans are featured in the report.

Here's the link to the story and video.

Posted 4/27/10

Ed Young's leased jet travels to exotic destinations

WFAA-TV in Dallas posted another investigative article April 26 about Fellowship Church in Grapevine and a number of questionable trips Pastor Ed Young Jr. made in his leased private jet. Trinity Foundation helped supply much of the information used in the report.

Here's the link to the story and video.

And here's the previous report from Feb.4, 2010.

Posted 4/08/10

FAA keeps Copeland flight plans secret

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has asked the FAA to keep his flight plans unlisted. ProPublica obtained a list of blocked plane information from the FAA under the Freedom of Information Act. Those on the list had been known only to the FAA and the National Business Aviation Association, a lobbying group that runs the program for the agency.

"The church has five planes on the blocked list, including a $17 million Cessna Citation X. Also blocked is a 1953 North American T-28B Trojan, a vintage warplane registered to Copeland."

Read the article.

Kenneth Copeland and Cookies from Heaven

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette posted an article on televangelist Kenneth Copeland Oct. 11, 2009, drawing on information Trinity Foundation helped gather.

The first three paragraphs of the story can be seen here.

The full story can only be accessed by subscribing or purchasing the article for $1.95. But we can give you a summary:

The article focused on Copeland's response to the Senate Finance Committee investigation begun in November 2007.

His response, according to committee investigators, has, for the most part, been a stiff arm. Committee investigators in November 2007 asked for Copeland and his wife, Gloria, to name the church’s board of directors, provide details on executive compensation, identify associated nonprofit and for-profit entities, turn over bank account and investment records, list their auto and jet fleets, and give an accounting for oil and gas wells and ranch properties owned by the Copeland family or their ministry.

So far, Copeland has been “unresponsive,” according to Theresa Pattara, a tax counsel for the Finance Committee. “He pretty much told us to take a hike,” she said.

With Copeland withholding information, Pattara said, the investigators would have to “go the subpoena route.”

Just because the investigators haven’t issued a report yet on the ministers “doesn’t mean we’ve given up working on it,” Pattara said.

The article outlined the Copelands' opulent lifestyle that includes owning a $20- milion jet, mansions, expensive cars and a television with an " 8-foot screen that retracts into his bedroom ceiling."Copeland preached at Little Rock's Agape Church on Oct. 11, and Arkansas Democrat-Gazette religion editor Frank Lockwood reported on the visit in his Bible Belt Blogger blog:

Copeland's believe-and-receive theology is reflected in one anecdote that the televangelist related at the meeting:“The Lord woke me up in the middle of the night,” Copeland told worshippers on Sunday. “There stood Jesus with a huge tray and the tray was heaped with cookies, and he said, ‘Kenneth, have a cookie.’” Grabbing for one of the bedtime snacks, Copeland says he replied: “I believe I will.”

The entire blog post is available here.

Christian television network denied tax break

WCNC TV reports that South Carolina has rejected the Inspiration Network's tax-exempt status for its headquarters in Indian Land, S.C. The network previously was given a $1.2 million economic development grant by the state to help with road, water and sewer construction at the headquarters. --6/18/09

Read the article:

Christian television network denied tax break--06/18/09

Disgraced Dallas televangelist Robert Tilton has new life, third wife in Miami

The Dallas Morning News finds notorious televangelist Robert Tilton, who left Dallas in disgrace more than a decade ago, has been quietly rebuilding his life in Miami.--05/28/09

More here

Building a 'City of light'

The Charlotte Observer finds that David Cerullo's Inspiration Network hasn't followed through on its promises to develop a 93-acre complex in Indian Land, S.C.

Read the articles:

Building a 'City of light'--05/23/09

Religious network promises, fails to deliver the goods --05/26/09

ESPN examines Inluence of televangelists on sports celebrities

ESPN: Athletes and evangelists cross paths

Trinity President Ole Anthony is interviewed on the ESPN TV program "Outside the Lines." --04/18/09

Watch the video here.

Grassley praises Joyce Meyers' accreditation by ECFA

Sen. Chuck Grassley, ranking member of the Committee on Finance, said Joyce Meyer Ministries accreditation by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) was a "positive development."

“This is a positive development. It’s good to see increased financial accountability, transparency, board governance, and ethical fund-raising taken seriously," Grassley said in a press release March 12.

"My staff and I continue to review the information we’ve received from the ministries that cooperated, and we continue to weigh our options for the ministries that have not cooperated.”

Read the entire statement.

Copeland Application for Tax Exemption on 2nd Jet Denied

Click here to see local ABC and FOX affiliate early evening stories…

Televangelist's $3.6 million jet not tax-exempt, Tarrant appraiser says

By DARREN BARBEE, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram December 6th, 2008

A Kenneth Copeland Ministry jet worth $3.6 million has been denied tax-exempt status by the Tarrant Appraisal District, setting the stage for a battle that could require the minister to reveal his salary if he wants the jet to be tax-free.

Jeffery D. Law, Tarrant chief appraiser, said the jet was denied tax exemption because the ministry failed to disclose salaries of directors as an application requires. Law said the ministry, based in Newark, northwest of Fort Worth, will protest the denial at a hearing Monday morning. Read full story

Fire Code Violations Plague Without Walls Church

By BAIRD HELGESON, The Tampa Tribune December 3rd, 2008

Without Walls International Church faces fines for failing to ensure fire alarms and sprinklers work properly in its sanctuary and administrative building.

The church has until Dec. 17 to inspect the sprinklers and alarms, and make roughly 20 repairs. After the deadline, the church faces daily fines of $100 a building.

None of the problems appears to be an immediate threat to public safety, said Bill Wade, a Tampa Fire Recue spokesman.

Church staff declined requests for comment.

Fire officials inspected the buildings in February and found several items that needed repair or replacement, including emergency lighting, exit signs and fire extinguishers. Fire officials also required the church to get the alarms and sprinklers inspected to ensure they work properly.

Since then, the church hasn't made any of the repairs or hired an inspector to check out the sprinklers and alarms, Wade said. Read Full Story


Nailin' It To The Church, A Religious Satirical Documentary

by MURRAY STILLER, Documentary Filmmaker

Dedicated to the religious satire magazine The Wittenburg Door, Stiller spent most of 2007 traveling through numerous US states and Canadian provinces (with camera in hand), observing the idea of "holy comedy" and its effects on modern-day Christianity. The film's title actually came from an issue that "The Door," (nicknamed by the magazine's staff) had published in a past issue. Visit the Website

Why Benny Hinn Became Our Wacky Neighbor

by JOHN BLOOM, The Wittenburg Door May 20th, 2008

If you drive west from Dallas, through the neo-moderne lunarscape of a pod city called Las Colinas, past a massive international airport on a denuded prairie, into the warren of faceless office buildings that make up cosmopolitan Grapevine, you'll never find Benny Hinn.

He wants it that way. The nerve center of his worldwide organization is tucked away in a group of cheap white nondescript buildings that look like the kind of domiciles favored by Mafia fronts on the wharves of New Jersey. Inside, several dozen employees process an estimated $100 million per year in donations from people who believe in Hinn as a sort of Elmer Gantry for the 21st century. (Obviously they didn't read the novel.)

Now go the other way, into the cul-de-sacs and barrios of deep East Dallas. On a dead end street next to a nursing home, in an expansive two-story house once owned by the Dallas mob, the Trinity Foundation works 24/7 trying to find out just how much money passes through Grapevine, where it comes from and where it goes, running undercover operations, infiltrations, spying, surveillance, the cultivation of disgruntled ex-employees, and even going through Benny Hinn's garbage in an effort to . . . Read Full Story...

Hoping For A Revival

By BAIRD HELGESON and MICHELLE BEARDEN, The Tampa Tribune September 14, 2008

whitesRandy and Paula White built Without Walls International Church into one of the brightest beacons of faith in the community. Its innovative ministries attracted such a large following that the church gained a national reputation.

Starting in May 2007, news of scandal, a U.S. Senate financial probe and divorce eroded the foundation of their spiritual sanctuary.

Paula White moved away from Tampa a year ago to focus on her television show, books and preaching. Randy, left to tend the local flock alone, cut back his preaching.

Now, with Paula's national audience dwindling and church attendance in decline, the couple have once again joined forces. Paula has returned to the Without Walls pulpit to reinvigorate the ministry and is scheduled to preach today.

But a big question remains: Will Paula be enough to rebuild the empire? Read Full Story...

Pastor, Brooklyn Park church fight rare IRS audit

By JON TEVLIN, Star TribuneAugust 21, 2008

MacFacing complaints about his church's tax-exempt status in February 2007, the Rev. Mac Hammond took to the pulpit on live television and said he would "almost welcome an IRS audit."About two months later, Hammond got his wish, according to documents recently filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.The Internal Revenue Service is conducting an unusual investigation into whether compensation and loan deals between the Living Word Christian Center of Brooklyn Park (LWCC) and its pastor violated laws for tax-exempt organizations.The IRS has asked the court to force the church to comply with a demand for detailed financial information. The church failed to respond to a March summons."We have complied with everything the IRS has asked us to do," said the Rev. Brian Sullivan, spokesman for the church. He said LWCC is concerned that the IRS is not following procedures designed by Congress to protect churches from politically motivated inquiries. Read Full Story...